A chilling ghost story turns into an exciting tale of five friends who learn about each other, and teamwork, while uncovering the horrifying secrets locked in an abandoned mansion.

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Did you know the last people to live in the house stayed only 28 days? The year was 1946. Sean and Laura Hughes had just moved from Mount Carmel to Salem's Hollow, and bought the Manor for a very low price. Everything was fine at first. Then about a week after moving in, weird stuff started happening. At first it was weird, abnormal activity; like lights flickering, and faucets turning on by themselves. Then it got worse. Doors would open by themselves, or wouldn't open at all. Feelings of dread and sadness emanated from the basement. It got so bad, they stopped going down there, and placed extra locks on the door.

About two days before "the incident" their dog refused to go down the hall leading to the attic. Lucky for them, the attic door was locked. Well, it "was" locked. In the middle of the night, on the 28th day, the dog began barking at the attic door. When Mr. and Mrs. Hughes came to calm the dog down, that is when the door opened. Whatever came walking down that hallway was so horrible that Sean grabbed Mrs. Hughes and left that night never to return. They sold the house back to the Kulp Mining Company for half of what they originally paid.

No one ever entered the house again, except for two teens in 1953, let’s just say that was not their smartest choice. To this day the manor is unoccupied – or is it?


There was something odd about the Native American settlement, Bensford Wilson entered late October in 1742. See, he had been there many times before, but this time was different -nobody was there. It was as if all the people vanished. Stores of food were prepared for the winter, and some embers on a fire were still quite hot. Horses were left unattended, and much of the tools and weapons were still in their encampments. Whatever happened, happened just prior to his arrival. The only thing that seemed different - other than the lack of people - was the fact that the totem located just outside the settlement was knocked down and nearly destroyed.

Bensford decided to stick around to wait and see if they would come back. The first thing he did was repair and stand the totem up, thinking that if the tribe returned, the totem would be the first thing they saw – but no one ever came back. Of course, the missing tribe was only the beginning of the strange stuff that would happen in and around this settlement which would eventually become the town of Salem’s Hollow.


When CeCe was 11 her sister (KC) made her a full fledge member of this special club. KC said it was called, "The Strange Days Society." She told CeCe it was a very important club, but CeCe never knew why. All KC ever did was have her friends come over and they'd watch scary movies and eat pizza. When KC entered high school, she handed control of the Strange Days Society over to CeCe. At first it was just her and her best friend Bill. It wasn't until 6th grade that Toby joined the society. That was also when they found out about all of the strange things that happened over the years in Salem's Hollow.

Here are just a few strange occurrences:
In 1865 a group of Soldiers returning from the war made camp just outside of town along Jacob's Creek. The next morning they had just vanished. In the summer of 1891, Mrs. Wilkinson was seen visiting her husband's grave, and then walking to her home on Mockingbird Drive. During the night people saw lights on inside and could see her silhouette pass by the windows of her home. This wouldn't have been so strange, except for the fact that Mrs. Wilkinson died during the winter of 1890, she was 33. In 1912 three sisters opened up a shop in town, one night people reported hearing strange noises coming from the back of the shop and could see weird green lights inside. After that night, no one ever saw two of the three sisters again.

The Strange Days Society

Case #1: Kulp's Manor

The world of the living and the dead collide in D.F. Fanella’s chilling debut, Kulp’s Manor. This one-of-a-kind ghost story is a satisfyingly spooky tale for kids that may just force readers to sleep with the lights on!

Twins Brian and Brenda have just moved to Salem’s Hollow, so they haven’t quite learned their way around town—or made any friends. But their decision to explore an abandoned old mansion suddenly changes all that when they run into CeCe, Bill, and Toby, the current members of the Strange Days Society.

They explain that the mansion, called Kulp’s Manor, is believed to be haunted. Photographing the house for a paranormal website, they invite Brian and Brenda to join them that evening for the first official meeting of the Strange Days Society. It is there that Brenda reveals her odd secret: She can see ghosts. Excited by this discovery, the Strange Days Society decides to investigate Kulp’s Manor the very next day.

It is during this investigation that Brian opens the attic door to explore. After rushing away in a hurry due to an unsettling feeling that he is being watched, the attic door remains open and releases the mysterious being that had been trapped behind it…

The next week brings terror for the group as Brian, Brenda, CeCe, Bill, and Toby all encounter the manor’s otherworldly inhabitants. Realizing that they must get to the bottom of the manor’s mystery, they head to the library in an attempt to unlock its ancient secrets.

While there, they learn the horrifying truth about the Kulp family. In a desperate attempt to free themselves of the menacing presence they unknowingly unleashed, these five friends must band together to save those left behind—and themselves.

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About the Author.
D. F. Fanella

D.F. Fanella’s hometown of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, inspired his debut ghost story, Kulp’s Manor, as did the scary stories told to him by his father while growing up. Later, what started out as a tradition of telling scary stories to his daughters to pass the time on long car trips, turned into the Stranges Days Society series.

Fanella currently lives in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, with his wife and two daughters. He earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in psychology, and is presently a PhD candidate at Pennsylvania State University while working in technology and education.

About the Narrator. Curtis Sisco.

Curtis has been a professional performer for 25 years, both on stage and behind the mic. His specialty is creating the sense of story in every project: could be an audio book story, could be the story of a company for a business promo. He has approximately 50 audiobook titles available between audible.com, meegenius.com, and several i-tunes apps. Recent corporate clients include Home Depot, New Balance, and QAPCO.

And now he is the narrator for the Strange Days Society book series.